In the spring of 2017, I dove into chasing a dream by moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Having recently left the corporate world, I traded my suit and tie for what made me happy...a camera. I had realized the fall before, that I was constantly trying to escape to the barrier islands to find peace and pursue what was quickly becoming my passion. Photography had captured me, and I felt drawn to capture the beauty of the Outer Banks.  

With only one camera, two lenses and just two short photography classes as my learning tools, I began my journey. I started shooting daily, as often as possible. My learning came from always having the camera in hand, and countless hours of researching and practicing how to take the most amazing photograph that I could.

The ever changing scenery has occupied me, not just from the beautiful sunrise to breathtaking sunset photography; the night sky filled with the Milky Way and full moonrises has allured me, as well.

 Today, I am a full-time professional photographer, offering services in portrait photography, small weddings, real estate photography, drone photography, landscape and night photography.